Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to check out the THE BANNER BEAT flash news concept. I’m Craig Phillips, an East Baltimore creative. The following concept I have created is a clear representation of my skill-set and some varied talents I have to offer The Baltimore Banner.

This THE BANNER BEAT series is in effect a mirror to The Baltimore Banner print and digital content. It is not meant to replace, rather to supplement and enhance, as well as expose The Baltimore Banner brand to new audiences on a variety of different platforms not reached by the other mediums.

Also, there is a substantial population that simply does not, for whatever reason, read. The Banner Beat format lends itself to being presented in both short and long form videos and horizontal or vertical feeds, depending on subject matter. Ideally, a variety of Presenters/Influencers would deliver the installments. Talking heads with good, local social followings will place the content effectively and broadly.

With an adequate production budget, my intention would be to introduce new faces on a regular basis. Giving talent of all ages an opportunity to be involved with the stories being told about their very own communities and being compensated fairly for their time and efforts.

Presently, I credit The Baltimore Banner quite generally. In a future working together, I would very much like to highlight and showcase the Reporters working behind the scenes, in such a way to empower them, as well as sending a continued positive message about the importance of reporting and truthful information being told.

As for producing THE BANNER BEAT, I suggest a pilot phase of one month. I propose producing a daily, 1-3 minute episode featuring two or three headlines. I propose establishing and maintaining THE BANNER BEAT social media outlets, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. I propose that all contents of the broadcast be a derivative of previously published materials from The Baltimore Banner. At the close of that month we can evaluate and determine where we go from there. Initially, I think we are trying to establish ourselves and create an audience.

If this concept and proposals seem of interest, please reach out at your earliest convenience. I would be thrilled to partner on this or similar project.

I’m Craig Phillips and my email is Craig@BmoreProductions.com. My mobile is +1.443.600.8281.